Getting the Flow

Deciding to add a water element to freshen up your landscape can stir up more questions than answers. But Anamese fountains are elegant, simple, and any pot in our collection can be converted.

When considering pottery to convert with a fountain kit, go for BOLD. Since the pot won’t be planted, neutral shapes and finishes risk looking a little, shall we say, watered down?

A personal fav is the Shangri La Jar in Malachite. We’re gushing over this one. Its dramatic lines and dreamy marine tones bring us back to beach bungalows and margaritas.
Location is a fluid affair. We love the idea of our Adobe Jar in Heavy Metal shimmering at the center of a green lawn. As a centerpiece this fountain balances and formalizes.
Or create an eclectic oasis in that forgotten corner with the Toggle Pot. A slim profile suits intimate spaces. Or place several over one basin for a vibrant cascade. Pictured in our Aegean finish. Drifting off to Mediterranean isles yet?
Last but not least, the Zeus Planter in Saffron Sky. Detailed relief scenes and elegant jug handles, will elevate your garden with cultural flare.
Now it’s time to pick a kit. Basins are round or square and in a variety of sizes. A good rule of thumb: a basin should be wider than your pot. Basin shape depends on the needs of your space, but square will hold more water than round, so fewer refills. Pump choice depends on the rate of flow you’re after. Bubbling effects need stronger pumps, and smaller-mouthed pots will help with this too. Another factor is height. The higher you have to lift the water, the larger the pump will need to be.
The addition of a fountain should be curing headaches, not causing them. An Anamese fountain can transform any space — and maybe bring a little bit of Bali to the backyard.