Pottery Available In Lite Fiber Crete Finish

Our Lite Fiber Crete collection is easy to handle while rivaling traditional pottery in beauty thanks to its unique fiber-cement blend.


Pebble White
Rough, fine-pitted texture. Warm and earthy white. Taupe tones from small, pea gravel-like stones. A clean, contemporary, aesthetic with a subtle rustic twist.

Rough, fine-pitted texture. Concrete-gray tones. Also incorporates small pebbles and stones. A versatile finish that evokes natural stone or an industrial look depending on the context you choose.


Chalk White
Silky, chalky texture. Pure white. The matte-white surface of chalk white is stark, clean, and pops with contrast against a wide variety of colors and textures.

Polished, waxy, smooth. Pure, concrete-gray tone. A versatile and clean finish that pairs exceptionally well with our contemporary-leaning Lite Weight styles.


The search results below may not be shown in the color or finish you've searched for. However, it is available in that color/finish. See the "Colors" labels to see the available color options.

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