The thing about color is that it makes you notice.

It grabs your attention.

And while the color at Maison et Objet 2022 wasn’t all big or flashy colors on display, palettes were more diverse, lush, playful, and fun.
After years of very serious news and life-changing events all around the world, consumers might be looking to brighten up their lives with more colorful, cheerful designs.

Meet Vietnamese Rustic

Our newest addition to the Vietnamese Unglazed collection, Vietnamese Rustic has a handmade appeal with a layer of white dust applied to the finish. Vietnamese Unglazed has been a top seller and Rustic is a modern addition that still holds true to the organic design of the entire collection.


Curated design

to inspire
Make a statement

Make them swoon

Top seller


Made to last generations

ancient techniques creating frost proof vessels

Failed attempts at gardening can turn potential life-long customers off from the hobby, so it’s smart to support their efforts with a little bit of know-how and inspiration.

Click-in for a printable, easy-to-read chart with some basic food growing tips.