Shipped direct from our U.S. warehouse

We maintain an extensive inventory of pots right in our Louisiana warehouse.

This offers our customers several advantages:

Fast Delivery. Many pottery distributors don’t place an order until the purchase is made, and then it’s months before delivery. While our pottery is made in Vietnam, most is shipped from our centrally located Louisiana warehouse, so we can get your order out fast – usually in just 48 hours.

Save With Mixed Containers. 

Discounts of up to 40% off our already low prices are available to container buyers. We sell both 20- and 40-foot containers.

Many pottery distributors require customers to buy an entire container from one factory, limiting the amount of variety you can afford to offer. With Anamese, you can order a mixed container of any pieces we have in our extensive inventory. You enjoy a diverse selection of styles and sizes, plus the tremendous savings that container buying provides.

Low Minimums. Buying less than a container? That’s easy! Whether you want a few pots, or one pallet, we can accommodate your needs. There is no minimum on reorders, and the minimum order for new clients is just $1500. Orders of five or more pallets may qualify you for greater freight discounts.

Drop-Shipping Available. Would you like an order drop-shipped directly to a customer?

Just ask! We’re glad to do it.

Competitive Freight Rates. It’s surprising how widely shipping costs vary from vendor to vendor. We use several carriers, and freight costs are based on the best available quote for your area and order size. Our rates are the best in the industry.

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