Market Outlook: Making Plans + Looking Ahead

It’s been a record breaking year for many in our industry. At Anamese, it’s meant a lot of extra hours, but also lot of extra rewards! With few signs of a slow down anytime soon, we’ve been thinking about how a little knowledge, planning and thinking outside the box can help our buyers capitalize on this topsy-turvy market where demand is high and pottery a challenge to get. 

Logistics & Demand 

Last year Covid-19 brought the shipping and manufacturing to a standstill, The challenges that created will everyone’s reality for the foreseeable future. At the same time, demand is booming. Shoppers want plants and pots to plant them in. 

Old Partnerships 

2020 brought not only Covid-19, but here at Anamese, we survived a direct hit from the most powerful hurricane ever to strike our sate. Through all of this we learned a major lesson: old partnerships and professional friendships are invaluable. 

After losing tens of thousands of dollars in inventory in Hurricane Laura, we received amazing support from our oldest connections oversees. Simultaneously, Covid-19 turned the world upside down as production nearly halted and bidding wars for shipping sent costs skyrocketing 300%.

Thanks to oversees friendships that go back decades, we were able to replenish inventory quickly and have remained well stocked since. 

Planning Ahead: The 7 Month Timeline 

What does all this mean for retailers and designers? By extending your timelines and planning well ahead of your seasonal orders, you can navigated these uncertain times.

We recommend placing important orders 7 months ahead to ensure production and oversees shipping delays are accounted for. 

Thinking Outside the Box: Same Market, New Outlook

The surge in the market has been driven by this new reality of staying home. Customers wanted to created experiences in their own yards and homes. Eclectic design has become part of this greater interest in cultivating personal space. Anamese always has a vast inventory of diverse designs that are beautiful and unique. And this vast state-side inventory ships extremely fast.

Best selling designs have become harder to get. Yet more design-forward pieces are trending up. Provide customers with unique inventory they can't get anywhere else at a time when they're thinking about design more than ever. 

Here are a few in-stock statement pieces to consider.