Highlight: Troughs

With long, slender profiles, troughs are ideal for transitional spaces like pathways. They maximize planting space without obstructing movement. Place against perimeters and walls to enrich overlooked areas. Additionally, troughs can help break up larger spaces that need redefining. Use them as barriers between patios and lawns to cultivate cozier but open outdoor “rooms”.


Cantado Trough

Soft but bold in form, the Cantado is a reserved statement piece. Great for accenting entrances, it’s still striking enough to define a space.  This trough series also comes in Riverstone.


Berlin Tall Trough

With it’s natural wooden stand, the Berlin Tall Trough plays on its industrial efficiency with practical charm.


Aria Trough

The Aria Trough is a versatile crowd pleaser. Employing simplicity, minimal accents allow the graceful, earthy Terra Cotta to shine.


Pietro Trough

Streamlined. Modern. Unfussy. The Pietro Trough is statement on restraint. We love the contrast of its gray concrete with a bright flowerer.


Casablanca Trough

Spice up structures like fences and brick walls with the muted Moroccan motifs of the hardy Casablanca Trough. This trough is also available in Vietnamese Unglazed.