Pottery for Profit


When customers see new styles at your business before they see them in their neighbor’s yard, they’ll come to trust what your offering. Round this out with timeless classics they’ll never tire of and you’ll have a customer for life. Our collections are highly curated to meet these needs. We attend Europe’s trade shows, keeping an eye on global interior design trends that drive garden design. This year we’ve expanded collections based on shifts from monochromatic pallets to richer earth tones, textures, and botanical influences.


Anticipating what customers find stylish and timeless is a delicate balance. You can do the research, offer carefully calculated selections, and still miss the mark. Anamese evolved to meet this challenge with flexible ordering options: mixed pallets and containers, no-minimum reorders, and a vast warehouse in the US that ships fast. We stay flexible so that garden centers can navigate trends and changes in the market. 


How much is your ideal customer willing to invest? Is your millennial clientele interested in plant quantity over pottery quality? Or do you cater to the more financially established, interested in pricier options? At Anamese, we specialize in pottery that’s well priced and well made. This may seem like a no-brainer, but most retail pottery will either lack the craftsmanship and strength of our pots, or be quite expensive. We offer an affordable, quality niche.


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