Storm Worthy

We can all take a sigh of relief as hurricane season is officially over... 

When Hurricane Laura tore through our home in South Louisiana this summer with 150 mph winds, it left many without water, electricity, or shelter. As our community picked up the pieces, we had to put our lives on pause for a second hurricane, Delta. The dangerous eyewall passed directly over our farm and warehouse just six weeks later. 

In all this tragedy a tiny bright spot shines through. Several buyers and acquaintances mentioned our pots withstood the winds and debris without a crack. If you’ve ever had to move one of our pots, it’s no surprise they weathered the wind standing up — they’re really heavy! Even after being tossed by the roots of a downed tree onto brick, an Anamese pot can come through intact.

Why are our pots strong? 

  • Made of the highest quality Vietnamese riverbed clays. 
  • Precise, proprietary clay mixes are created at each studio.
  • Repeated extruding removes all air pockets, creating the strongest clay possible. 
  • Moisture cannot penetrate, freeze and cause major cracks. 
  • Under the watchful eye of a master potter, each piece is hand-formed.
  • Fired over a two-week process, glazes fuses with the clay creating a stronger surface. 
  • Wood burning kilns produce the most beautiful and unique pieces of pottery.
  • Though the most labor-intensive way to fire pottery, each Anamese pot is one of a kind.