Volume Discount Program & Shipping with Anamese

Volume Discount Program & Shipping with Aanamese 

Receive 25% off all orders for a whole year when you purchase a minimum order of 12 pallets.

Containers will be packed in and shipped from our warehouse in Louisiana and this is great for you. Here's why: 

  1. You are able to choose from all of our collections. 
  2. Minimums per style are low and mixed colors and styles can be packed on a pallet. 
  3. We have very low breakage rates. We pack each pallet like a puzzle. And guarantee your breakages will be under 2%. A forklift is required for unloading to receive the breakage guarantee.
  4. Reorders on popular designs will be at the same discount.
  5. Expidited containers can be shipped based on current stock. 
  6. Our warehouse orders usually save you money on freight by avoiding ocean freight costs of shipping directly from Vietnam and Europe. 
  7. If your container is packed at our warehouse, you can add to add to your order up until the week it is scheduled to ship.