Framing Fall's Mood

As a southerner, fall’s seasonal shift is always welcomed after the long, hot summer. We dive back into the garden, our favorite hobbies, and crisp, invigorating weather. Wherever you are it’s a time to get hands back into the soil and find what grounds us again. I love seeing this shift around town and online. It didn’t take much digging to discover some emerging trends inspired, it seems, by this stressful year we’re all having. A light-hearted take on our favorite fall themes is the mood. Whimsical compositions set among hearty greens and plush, warm tones is the way to achieve it.

Channel a natural look with heuchera, heather and a tall grass.

A planted pair of wicker baskets with grasses, peppers and pansies.

Ornamental Kale Overflow: simple and verdant.
Above designs by: Detroit Garden Works


Verdant, Wild, Flighty: feather and seed pods bring a compositional sense of humor.

Keep vegetal tones cool and muted for a large, overfull, stylishly simple containers.
Above designs by: Earl Lieske III for Chalet Nursery


A lush glen with pansies as a farm to market seasonal display.
A tabletop nursery concept.
Above designs by: Enliven Planters


Formal tiers and wily ivy spillers.

Quirky asymmetry tops off the spherical symmetry. 
Dense spreading yew is the perfect evergreen look that departs from your more common pyramidal options.
Above designs by: Contained Creations


Leaves with a powdery or matte surface match elegantly with dry fall grasses, seed, and blossoms of white or gray  tint and tone.

Achieve a Flowery Fall with a strictly warm and earthy pallet.
Above designs by: The Mustard Seed Market


All in red, orange and pink, pull off a plush and blossomy autumn. 
Above design by: The Botanical Boutique

Simple and stately with limelight hydrangeas, ornamental cabbage, and peppers.
Above design by: Sixty-Fifth Avenue