Stylish Eats

Summer’s arrived and threats of late frosts have melted away. So it’s high time for planting produce! Vegetable gardens aren’t only for green-thumbs and big yards. Containers are the solution for limited open ground or less than ideal soil/drainage issues. Here’s some tips so you can spruce up summer with delicious produce, and do it in style! I’d call that a win win.

Our Aria Trough with veggies galore! Tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and collard greens make for edible beauty.

Summer veggies need lots of water and good drainage. So containers must have holes and we’ve got you covered! All our pots come with drainage holes. And since veggies like lots of water, you should consider the largest container that will suit your space and design needs. The more soil the more water the roots have access too.

If you’re thinking it’s late for veggies, there’s plenty of varieties that love the heat and may even grow faster in warm soil. Here’s a short list. All love summertime and require direct sunlight.


Plant basil, cilantro, oregano, dill, and mint in early summer. They love sun and when you’re sipping mint tea and munching your summery, homemade pizza you can relax knowing you made Martha Stewart proud.


If you’re working with limited space, cherry tomatoes are a perfect solution. They’re compact growers that love heat and provide high yields. All you need is a 16-inch pot and some patience.

The Artichoke Planter offers organic appeal and perfect for your organic eats. Here we have tomatoes, parsley and peppers planted.


Peppers do require a little more soil for their roots, but plants are not large. 14-inch pots with some depth will do. So pick your pleasure, hot or sweet!


I know your thinking – carrots go with big country gardens and bunnies, right? Well, Doc, we’ve got good news. Carrots are great container growers! Just chose containers with adequate depth, at least 14 inches.


Lettuces are the most practical container veg. Requiring minimal root space, you can chose shallow containers, say 8 to 10 inches, or add them around the stalks of larger plants like tomatoes. And since we think we may know your type a little, many varieties have vibrant colors that’ll satisfy your stylish side.