Summer Cocktail Planters


As we all work to make the best of difficult times, retailers play an important role in helping people explore new and old passions from gardening to cooking. Hobbies keep us healthy and grounded. It’s nourishing to gain a new appreciation for the simple things. With this in mind, we can craft simple yet impactful ideas that’ll be as good for customers as for business.

My idea (which I encourage you to customize) came from a homemade mojito my husband crafted with mint from our garden. My girls had finally drifted to sleep and we sat on the patio sipping cocktails. It was the first really relaxing moment all week – made more rewarding with mint grown in our own Anamese container. It’s the kind of good feeling (and taste) you just want to share!

So, I put together a mini-marketing plan for retailers and it’s a win-win for garden centers with herbs: Summer Cocktail Planters. Cocktail growing kits can include our recipes, an herbal ingredient, soil, and Anamese container. There’s a PDF that includes a cocktail idea for each major US region and a container suggestion. We recommend displaying herbs in the container you decide suits it, and to offer at a discount when bought together.

P.S. We highly recommend taste testing on your own patio!