Summer Cocktail Planters & Recipes


Recipes are made with herbs known to grow well in each region. Of course, these herbs grow in a wide variety of climates and regions – so don’t hesitate to use what works best for your business. The printable PDFs come with four recipes per page so as not to waste paper.


Northwest: Rhubarb Bourbon Sour

Suggested Planter: Cube
Rhubarb Bourbon Sour PDF


Southwest: Spicy Basil Margarita

Suggested Planter: Italian Window Box
Basil Margarita PDF


Midwest: Rosemary Gin Cocktail

Suggested Planter: Calla Bowl in Rustic Blue
Rosemary Gin PDF


South: Mint Julep

Suggested Planter: Step Planter in Graphite
Mint Julep PDF


Northeast: Lavender Martini

Suggested Planter: Sonora Tall Planter
Lavendar Martini PDF