Contained Creations


Steph Green is the owner of Contained Creations, a custom container garden designer and care company. They sever residential and commercial clients in Richmond, VA and surrounding suburbs. Like a passionate chef, Steph's design process is a mixture of following the recipe and tweaking to incorporate the best available ingredients When we spoke last week about her beautiful social media account that highlights abundant and tasteful container designs, I could sense her passion for her work.

We started off discussing her strategy for planting containers that transition from summer to fall gracefully. She pointed out that when planting in late summer, you'll want to chose a mix of plants that will thrive in various weather transitions. She suggested, " picking both cold tolerate and heat loving plants that can see you through October. For example, By including an evergreen, a few perennials, and an ornamental cabbage, mums, sedum and grasses, by Thanksgiving, you can fill in with mini pumpkins and quirky gourds. And there is no need for containers to sit empty through the holidays and winters months! We fill client’s planters with arrangements of freshly cut evergreen bouts, gorgeous pine cones, berries, and other festive accents.” 

Steph was born and raised in Morristown, NJ and attended the University of Richmond.  She lives in Midlothian, VA with her husband and 3 daughters. She states, "I love helping my clients find and fill the perfect planters to match their personal space and style. Anamese offers us a beautiful range of options!" One of her most loved Anamese container is the 5th Avenue Bowl.