Botanical Elements

Botanical Elements

Over and over in the showrooms of Paris we found Botanical forms and patterns. Leafy prints and stemmy lanterns were a little whimsical, a little formal. Prints tended to be unpatterned, straying from traditional botanical motifs.


Strikingly rustic yet chic, our Faux Boi planter evokes a weathered tree trunk but in trendy matte black finish.


The shimmery cascade of aquas and black on our Paloma Jar in Malachite both match and contrast with botanical hues.

The Artichoke Planter is a natural choice for those looking to incorporate vegetal shapes. Its stylized leaf motif is formal and versatile.

 Modest in size but not in style, the Thimble Planter in Safron Sky matches with almost any botanical theme.



The bold structure of our Tall Starfruit plays right into any botanical motif.