Clean & Clever Displays


Earlier this year I celebrated Nancy’s birthday with her in Louisiana. In the country, a few days can quickly turn into a few weeks. But we didn’t sit around sipping Mint Juleps the whole time (though there were some Mint Juleps involved). Nancy and I always get caught up in the staging and photographing of the inventory. It’s a lot of work, but a lot more fun. Here are our two go-to staging tips that are just as useful for retail displays as photo shoots (or the house plant shuffle).

Stage Before Planting. We can’t possibly plant all of our pots for shoots, so we stage with plants and bed risers. Once we’ve inserted the risers and plant flush with the rim, we fill with pine needles or Spanish moss. They look just like mature plantings. We recommend risers even if you prefer to pot your displays. They’ll allow you to test them out for a few weeks before committing. 

Clever Color Matches. Here are a few of our favorite glaze and finish combos. They’re all Anamese classics we think look pretty smart together.


Egg Planter in Heavy Metal
Brooklyn Planter in Coral Moss
Rimmed Jar in Etched Vietnamese Unglazed

Rimmed Jar in Etched Vietnamese Unglazed
Ball in Etched Vietnamese Unglazed
Samos Crucible in Helio
Dora Tall Pot in Anthracite.

Yumiko Crucible in Etched Vietnamese Unglazed
Ball in Vietnamese Unglazed
Yumiko Crucible in Vietnamese Unglazed (smooth)

Cercle Planter in Heavy Metal
Tall Starfruit in Copper
Crucible in Malachite

Crucible in Aqua
Tall Avignon is Coral Blue
Calla Bowl in Winter Sky
Arabella in Blue

Felix Square in Black
Chigo in Verdi
Dora Tall in Anthracite

Egg Planter in Vietnamese Unglazed
Kor-Ten Steel Trough
Oil Jar in Helio

U Planter in Aegean
Yuki Tall Planter in Chalk White
Ovo Egg in Aegean

Coiled Rim in Winter Sky
Shanghai Tall in Oyster White
Coiled Rim in Graphite

Cube in Riverstone
Tall Square Tapered in Riverstone
Simple Cylinder in Riverstone