Clean, Contemporary Lines

Large, clean lines were a recurring theme in Paris, contrasting smartly with the Botanical and Earthy influences. Big pieces, especially furniture, maintained understated profiles and minimal ornamentation.

Playful, simple geometry makes the compact proportions of the Mini Helix Planters a charming must-have.


The Cercle Planter in Glacier is both simple yet rich in detail - the cool and colorful finish strikes quite the pose on its simple surface.

 We adore the edgy edges of our new Hex Planters.


The Egg Planter’s clean lines have earned it a spot in our hall of fame. We never tire of its ability to adapt and it seems neither do customers.

 The Berlin Square is as versatile as it is trendy. It's at home in a Frank Loyd Wright house or nestled in the corner of my mom’s country greenhouse.

With just a dash of detail at the base, the Footed Planter brings a sturdy, spotless style to any space in this Graphite finish.