Earth Tones + Textures

Earth Tones + Textures

Europe's designers are channeling nature this year and Earthy Tones seem well suited to match all of those botanical forms. Here are some Tones and Textures that are calming yet anything but boring.

Serene, modestly proportioned and somehow planet-like, the Etched Ball in Vietnamese Unglazed pays homage to clay.

The sturdy Egg Planter in Heavy Metal pops in an oh-so-subtle and classy manner.

 Minimalist lines and color let the stone and earth elements of Terrazzo shine on our Berlin Round Planter.


For a grand effect, our Tall Egg in Aegean combines earth tones and coral patterns with impressive stature.

The Krage Short is part of our lightweight collection but there’s nothing light about its style - unfinished concrete is emphasized by rough, “broken” rims.



An elegant expression of natural materials in a refined, minimalist silhouette. Yukimo Crucible in Vietnamese Unglazed is a modern classic.