On Trend: Globes

From a design standpoint, globes are a great resource. Spherical dimensions are a dependable way to introduce harmony to a concept. I think they may be one of the easiest containers to place. Round profiles play well with just about any element, and I’ve found they’re especially effective as quirky, unexpected hardscape accents.

Cercle Planter

The Cercle Planter is our truest spherical option. It’s lack of structural accent allows its serene shape along whatever finish you choose to take priority.


Allow us to introduce you to Hanh. Hanh is 5’3”, gives perspective to all our inventory, is pretty dang helpful, and cute to boot.

Yumiko Planter

The Yumiko Planter is a modern globe, with its slightly elongated, formal profile. It comes in the very popular Vietnamese Unglazed finish.

Ribbed Tuscan Planter

For a classic globe with an offbeat accent, I’m a fan of the Ribbed Tuscan Planter.  Pictured in Italian Terra Cotta with red pepper, we love this little treat.