The Bright Idea: Instagram Story Tutorials

Long before retail got turned upside down in 2020, we were all discovering the power of social media. Instagram Stories are one of the newest ways to be your own, quirky, entrepreneurial selves online, while showcasing your products and services. An Instagram Tutorial is simply the use of the story feature to teach your followers something about your business.

Insta Tutorials are sort of like being face to face to give advice and tips. But different. Maybe better? Customers can access Instagram stories you choose to save at any time, and they’ll ask you questions in direct messages - giving you the opportunity to cultivate personal connections when responding.

Also, if you’re intimidated by the camera - don’t worry. We’ve been overcoming our own camera shyness at Anamese lately. Instagram makes posting videos so easy, the biggest hurdle might be you. Know that imperfections are part of the draw - you can talk like yourself, make mistakes, correct yourself on camera. It’s all part of the conversation. And all you really need is a smart phone and a plan.

First, study one of our favorite vendor’s tutorials: Sprout Home Chicago. They’re simple, approachable, completely doable, and make the world feel smaller in these socially-distanced times.


Here are a few Tutorial ideas for inspiration:

  • Container Showcase / Potting Demo
    • Describe container, soil choice, and how they suit the plant
    • Include short descriptive clips of important stages of planting
    • Cover the long term care of the plant and container
    • Name the featured products and where/how viewers can buy them
  • Succulent Arranging
  • Soil Info and Mixing Session
  • Floral Arranging
  • Choosing an Anamese Statement Piece for a Room/Garden
  • Plant Care Tips